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 I have a small business providing in home support to mothers with newborns, providing practical help and support. I have found it really difficult post lockdown to regain the momentum which I had at the beginning of the year to get clients and have had a couple of minor health issues as well. What I would like to do is pause the business until the end of the year -using this time to recharge and look at restarting early  in 2021. Could this work? I don’t want to close the business but I need time to re-energise and take a fresh look at things.

Question submitted 23/09/20 @ 12:00pm
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    Hi Poppy – there is no reason why you can’t press pause. It is your business. Just check out what ongoing costs or expenses you have and see if you can press pause on them, and maybe check in on our tax obligations if you have to file anything, they will still expect you to keep up with that schedule, unless you request to go to less frequent filing. Does that help? A break is a good thing to do!


    Hi there – well done on recognising that you need to regather yourself. It’s really hard to care for others when you’re not caring for yourself. I think taking the time to heal yourself, mentally and physically, and then deciding whether or not you WANT to come back with version 2 of your business, is sensible, based on what you’ve told us. It’s never too late to start again! Go well, stay well.


    Hi there

    Your business is all about energy and providing to relief to new mothers when they need it and therefore relies on you having the energy to spare. At this point in the pandemic many families with new babies are likely reticent about inviting others into their home given the risk it poses. Therefore the timing to take a break may be right.

    As Andy said if you are able to afford this time, then take it regroup use it to assess what the right approach may be during a pandemic – it may also give you the space to think about new ways of connecting with customers and approaches to delivering your service.

    You also need to consider what your story would be around such a pause – what are you actually going to stop vs just leave running? There is a spectrum here it isn’t open or shut. Maybe make a list of what you are going to stop, start and continue during this pause. If you are approached to provide services are you going to take on the work? Are you shut, are you not taking on new customers or are you stopping efforts to regenerate and putting that energy actively or passively into considering what the business may evolve into?

    Good luck.

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