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I have a small Design and Build Company, we were 3/4 through a new home build before Lockdown and this is now on ice until the lockdown lifts. I don’t have a pipeline or any definite sales to work with after we complete the current new build – 4-6 weeks after lockdown.It takes 4-6 months for a build from meeting client, contract to starting the build, this is the period where I will have no cashflow/income.The reality is I need to put this business on the backburner and get a day job, if I can. We live week to week and cash is running out with no cashflow, the subsidy is gone, it pays for the mortgage. Time is running out. Any ideas?

Question submitted 15/04/20 @ 02:30pm
Industry: Property
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    Hi there. That sounds like a tough situation. I’m sorry to hear. I suggest getting in touch with Kainga Ora/Housing NZ/Panuku to see if they are looking for your sort of skills. They have been very public about kicking off “spade ready” projects and surely need skilled people to help make it happen. Kia kaha.


    Hi there,
    Yes that does sound tough! I agree with Lloyd – good idea to contact Kainga ora.
    With your existing skills, one suggestion would be to engage with respected colleagues you’ve worked with in the past and explore how you might be able to assist them on a contract basis. But don’t give up on your longer term dream – still give yourself enough time to allow some focus on your preferred business path when the time is right again… Hang in, reach out to everyone you know and stay open to as many options as possible.

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