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I have a tourism client (accommodation) who really needs a new website – is there any funding available anywhere for new website builds?  (Ps. Love the Manaaki concept!)

Question submitted 08/05/20 @ 12:06pm
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  • Check this out!

    Kiwi small business advisory platform Manaaki.io has set itself the challenge of providing 1000 businesses with a free website in just one week, starting Monday. The initiative is the first step in a broader vision to get every small New Zealand business selling online.

    Enter your email to secure your free website and we’ll send you the details to get you up and selling online

    All the best JT

    The Regional Business Platform are also providing funding and grants for gst registered businesses and you can get help in areas such as marketing! I am a registered provider under marketing company Red Collective so have a wee look and let me know if you need some help.

    Just a quick heads up on the change, make sure you have all the data from the previous site before your change over. Took a call from one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, they redesigned their website to loose 30% of leads month on month.

    Contact David Kelly (david@zeald.com), they are offering extremely subsidised (free) websites as a way to give back during Covid.

    Their pitch:

    GEM = Get Ecommerce Movement = help Kiwi SME’s achieve rapid digital transformation so that NZ experiences a digital revolution = starting with an initial batch of 500 free ecommerce sites.

    Zeald are a great company to work with, hope it goes well for you.

    Only if you want to pay for every future edit(hourly rate) and change and pay excessive hosting costs, then choose Zeald


    Once upon a time they were ahead of the game, now they are behind, and actually using Shopify for building the sites. Much better options for service now – plenty of small players who do a better job.

    In working with a Shopify provider we got a fully functional eCommerce site for $1500 – granted I uploaded the product information. But it is an highly effective with a conversion rate 2-3 the norm.

    I have worked with enough clients who would rather walk over hot coals than go through the pay of getting (paying) support. Also the cost of moving is huge.

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