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I have an opportunity to supply my body care products to a well known and prestigious NZ retailer. My business is quite small and I do not have carefully worded Terms of Trade, or legal help. I also need help with wholesale costing and the TOT, plus advice on growth to fulfil the supply required by this potential customer. 

Question submitted 29/07/20 @ 02:39pm
Industry: Manufacturing
  • Hi, I can’t help with the legal piece other than to suggest a commercial lawyer, you will find most of the retailers have their requirements nailed down and aren’t that flexible when it comes to changing them, however you should look at your indemnity insurance and such matters so worth a chat and would suggest chamber of commerce is good place to start for help with this piece. Re growth to fulfil supply, this is more complex but you will need to factor in the requirements to fill the pipeline and meet service delivery requirements and then ensure you have provisioned for off take exceeding expectations and then lead times to manufacture. I am assuming you are making emulsions and suchlike. A few things to factor in here and probably better as a chat, if you would like to talk through this give me a call 0275349258


    I’m happy to have a chat to see how we can help. You’ll most likely need a supply agreement with your retailer which will set out supply, deliver, risk, title, IP protection, liability terms etc.

    Feel free to call me on 021 638445 or email me at edwin.lim@hgmlegal.com


    Hi There!

    Awesome. If you haven’t been assisted already, I can help you with getting the non-legal side of this set up with you. Wholesale costing, growth etc.




    Checking in to see if you are making progress on finalising the deal with the retailer? Andy

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