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I have spent the time during the lock down working on a new website with an online store. I am needing help in creating the terms and conditions for the site… I have existing terms for my wholesale customers i.e. stores… need something that is robust to cope with online sales to the consumer direct. I downloaded a template called E commerce / retail from Net Lawman a  New Zealand site , they suggest editing out paragraphs that aren’t applicable and adding what is relevant for the company, I am struggling with this.. I had a quote from a lawyer for 1800.00 to create a document for me, it’s out of my budget at this time.any suggestions would be gratefully received.Thank youLorna I. Gunn

Question submitted 23/07/20 @ 02:07pm
Industry: Legal
  • Hi Lorna,

    AdviSME (a legal tech offering developed by Tompkins Wake) sell automated terms and conditions online for $250 plus GST (see http://www.advisme.co.nz).

    Happy to chat about these on 021 705 914


    Hi Lorna

    If what you are looking for is some help to edit out clauses that aren’t relevant, from a template that you have, I’d be happy to help you with that.

    Why don’t you drop me an email on tom.maasland@minterellison.co.nz and we can arrange a time for an online vid/chat.

    If it takes us less than an hour to do, I’m happy to do that for you for free. If it looks more complicated than an hour’s worth, happy to discuss options as well.

    Cheers Tom

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