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I have spent time during lock down developing a new website which includes an online store… we are nearing completion , my thoughts are now focusing on brand awareness and driving people to the website, we currently have a regular newsletter being sent to our data base , instagram and facebook page … the new website has a link called join the Ottoman Edit and receive 20% off your first purchase ( this is where people are added to our data base).I would like to launch the website/online store quietly to avoid any frustrations customers may have initially due to our lack of experience… fingers crossed that doesn’t happen…. ultimately increased sales are our objective.CheersLorna

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    From my perspective it starts with understanding your target audience, and then you can work on a content strategy and marketing mix around this.

    Who is the target buyer that you think is the best fit for your product? Are they male/female, into which age bracket do they fall, where are they based in NZ (overseas?), what are their emotional attributes that make them want to purchase these gifts?

    The best way to get this information is to look into your existing customer base, understand common characteristics between them, and then set up and conduct customer persona interviews. You should be able to conduct 5-10 of these interviews using a series of questions to help you better understand your target customer persona.

    I’d ask questions such as
    – how did they find out about your product/service?
    – what about it did they love most?
    – where do they spend their time on social media (FB, IG, TikTok etc)?
    – what are their favorite websites?
    – what are their favorite magazines/newspapers etc?
    – what are ten words they would use to describe your business etc

    You can then use this to start forming a persona, on which you can start to dive deeper into the motivations of your customers and craft a marketing mix around this. Ideally this is what should form the basis of your marketing activity, so that you’re spending your marketing dollars where you know it will have the most impact, with the right messaging, at the right time. This allows you to spend your marketing budget targeting these customers specifically which means you get a much higher ROI on your marketing spend.

    I’d also ensure you’ve search optimized your website with the right keywords so that you show up when your customers search for travel ideas. Asking customers what they search, and where they search, and which other companies they considered (or would consider) will help inform your content marketing and SEO strategy.

    I hope this helps~


    Kia ora Lorna
    I agree with Kirsty’s great advice above. It would also pay to consider how many new customers you intend to attract. What is the exact figure you want to increase sales by? How much do you think your customers will spend with you? And how often? If you can figure out that formula then you know how many new customers you need to attract and – importantly – nurture.
    There is a great concept called 1000 fans. And a good youtube video that explains the concept.
    If conservative growth is what you are after then quality content in your newsletter and owned channels sounds like a sensible strategy. Encouraging referral and rewarding your most loyal fans could also be worth considering.
    All the very best.


    Good Morning Lorna – how are you going on the advice? I reckon that unpicking this mysterious world of web and internet advertising when you are not experienced or natural in it is super hard for those of us who don’t have experience – of course, 2nd nature to others who have and do it. Good on your for building the web site during the lock-down, Andy


    Thank you Kirsty and Bee for great advice.. I haven’t completed a customer profile for a few years, I can definitely see the benefit of updating that information. I look at Google Analytics regularly although I understand it does lack detail..
    Best regards
    Ottoman Collection.


    Thank you for your encouragement Andy… it’s good to be able to bounce off experienced people.


    Hey Lorna – I think that is how we all find our path forward – when I don’t know how to do something, I go looking – either onto the Google thing or I ask people who I think know – so that is why we created Manaaki – to enable quicker advice, quicker truth – please keep asking and keep challenging us to help you, be better and deliver value and utility.

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