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I have started a new business in the travel industry using technology to access discount traveling and I am looking for some help to establish a website and other areas. Can you help me

Question submitted 29/05/20 @ 12:40pm
Industry: Digital and Technology
  • Hi – exciting times to launch a launch a travel industry business – Bold! Depending on your objectives, there are several routes. With the availability of DIY tools, many new/small businesses use no-code website builders (SquareSpace, Wix) for their relatively basic website. Most of these platforms offer a significant number of helpful add-on modules for commerce, scheduling, contact, etc.

    One step up is a Content Management System based site and in this category there are DIY tools if you have the time/energy (WordPress, Drupal, others), and web dev shops if you don’t. Most of these offer simple connections to Xero, Stripe, and other business applications.

    If you’re looking beyond “simple” web tools, and are looking to develop a fully-integrated, bespoke business operations platform, you’re probably looking at engaging a software development partner. In selecting a partner, you should look for one who asks questions to understand your business, your objectives, and your customers – rather than a shop that expects you do deliver a fully-developed the requirements definition on your own.

    Good luck with the new business – come on, Level 1!

    Hi there – have you got clarity on your target market, and also the design ideally for your website?

    One option (basic start) would be this – https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/

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