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I have two businesses, my fun one (I make jewellery) and I am starting another one called The Helper which is support and help for women by getting through their ‘to do’ lists (ive had 1 client for 2 years as a side hustle), this is the business which I have identified a need and would love to make happen, in order to do this I want to have some great marketing in place but the problem is that I am doing things without a lot of capital behind me, do you know anyone who can help me out with marketing at a low cost for now until things get going? So far I’ve been able to give my skills in return for someone else’s. Also, I’m interested in going to a marketing course for my jewellery – to turn my website into sales! Can you suggest anywhere? 

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    You can currently get marketing advisory support funded by the Regional Business Partners: https://covid19.nzte.govt.nz/page/regional-business-partner-network

    You need to register and then select a business. My company is available on this. http://www.pureseo.com as are lots of other marketing agencies (depends exactly what you want).

    The Marketing Association offer lots of marketing courses which are really good as does Unitec.

    If you are Auckland based you can pop into my office and I will give you a copy of my book which explainshow to do SEO on your website in an easy to understand manner. https://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/How-to-Get-to-Top-of-Google-Search-Richard-Conway/9780143773535

    Hope this helps

    Richard Conway


    Hello *Anon*

    Great question and two nice business ideas.
    You should choose ONE of the businesses to work on. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

    Your best bet is to learn how to do the marketing yourself.
    Then you control everything – until you have some revenue coming in,.

    This means you need to learn how marketing works, the basics, what you should do and where and when.
    There are some good resources customised to the NZ market available from reputable providers.

    I suggest you approach Glenn Marvin @Konnector for the free jewellery course – his wife runs an interior design business and ecommmerce store (he also has daughters!)
    ***He is offering***
    We have three versions of the tool and simple step by step instructions on how to execute in our Konnector Resource Centre.
    We normally run face to face workshops on this process for $297 but until Auckland gets back out of Level 2.5 I am happy to give our online support programme away for free.
    Register here

    And another place where you can get help is from
    ***Dom and Andrew from Insightful***

    They have a social media launch offer just now
    Just head to https://getinsightful.co/pricing
    Use the coupon code launch20 at checkout for your 20% discount.

    Best wishes

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