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I make and market natural bodycare wellness products. Im growing so fast at the moment I keep running out of stock and don’t have enough time to make more. How do I grow from here, whats the path to upscaling?

Question submitted 16/10/20 @ 10:07pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Morena
    Sounds like a wonderful challenge to have…but a challenge nonetheless! The decision to scale is an important one – what do you want your business to be, how much time and money do you want to commit and how much risk are you happy to take.

    I love this stage of business development and would be really happy to talk through with you. Give me a call on 021 999577

    I too think this is a great problem to have because this is where you really start to dream about what is possible. Working through this in a structured way is very important. It is important to understand what the true/real cost of production is, and therefore the true margins to know where you go to from here. There is no way to answer your question simply at this stage without a detailed chinwag. Would also love to help – if you would like another perspective, please give me a call on 027 224 9763.

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