Question :
I own a jewellery company, so my products are non-essential. When can I start sending out my online orders?

Question submitted 20/04/20 @ 04:33pm
Industry: Retailing
  • During Level 3, it is my understanding that you can trade online so long as you can ensure you and your staff are putting in all the necessary steps for social distancing, and all the related cleaning and hygiene practices. All the social distance requirements of Level 4 remain in place.

    Have a look at the Covid19 site which gives more details. https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3.

    Hi there,
    Leslie is correct.

    Worksafe has also just issued guidelines on workplace safety for transitioning safely from Level 4 to Level3.


    Hi, in addition to the above I have noticed some non essential goods being sold as well from some retailers claiming they are essential. If you are not already, I would be ramping up you normal advertising immediately knowing you can ship from Tuesday next week (if not earlier). You will be able to capture the eyeballs of those potential customers who are home this week and have time to shop online – they maybe be busy back at work next week and you maybe able to pick up some extra business. Can you incentivise your existing database of customers to share your posts online with their friends to “support NZ small business” to build your reach?? All the best. James

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