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I own and manage an independent gift and homewares retail store on Waiheke Island – islanddesign.co.nz – It was an existing business that I took over in 2017 and have since evolved to completely refresh the brand.  I had already added an ecommerce offer to our bricks and mortar store prior to COVID as part of a strategy to grow local trade and reduce the reliance on tourism – something that is more important than ever now!I’ve focused effort during the lockdown on updating and promoting our website through our social channels, as well as increasing the frequency of posts and varying the content (Facebook – @islandwaiheke / Insta – @islanddesignwaiheke).  However, I’m still struggling with conversion to sales. Facebook insights showed our recent ad reached more than 27,000 people, but got only 16 link clicks.  Despite using location, demographic and behaviour targeting, no one we know or canvassed could say that they saw the ad. How can I make our marketing more effective without increasing the investment? Is spend on Facebook worth the investment, or is there more I can do to improve organic reach? I’m doing everything myself at the moment and learning as I go with our social channels, but it can be somewhat overwhelming.  Without any income and the prospect of no tourism to Waiheke for the foreseeable future, I don’t have the money to spend on outsourcing this aspect of the business so any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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    Morena – so good that you are online and that you are down the track of learning about how to generate valuable traffic, so many are just starting down that path. Have a look at this page Boost with Facebook Aotearoa New Zealand – https://www.facebook.com/groups/boost.newzealand/ it might provide some insights, and I will hustle some others to give you some guidance.


    Hi there!

    The way the FB ad system works is that you have to choose your marketing objective first and FB tries to achieve it – so the fact that you reached heaps of people and not many clicks means you probably chose reach or awareness as the objective instead of web clicks.
    So to drive traffic create posts with a link and choose “I want to drive Traffic to my website” when it ask what your objective is.

    In order to drive online sales with Facebook advertising, the best thing you can do is add the Facebook pixel yo your website. When the pixel is on you can choose ‘conversions” – which ois even bette than just clicks because Facebook starts looking for people who are likely to buy.

    And also integrate your Woo-commerce catalogue with your Facebook Instagram so you can tag your products in your content.

    Here are some links to the help section of how to do the above – give it a go!It’s not as hard as it seems – its just copying and pasting a number from your Facebook account into your Woocommerce.

    Facebook has some great free online training on ads (and the free stuff) here too: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn

    From an organic standpoint make sure you’re participating in the New Zealand Made Products group and your local Waiheke one too.


    Oh yes! As Andrew says above next Friday at 10am there is a free training on all things facebook and Insta in this group.

    If you can’t join at 10am, then the trainings are available to watch later. There have been 3 sessions already:
    1. Managing your business
    2. Getting creative with your mobile
    3. Facebook page insights
    4. This Friday there is another Instagram one
    5. Next Friday – Ads 1 – basic foundations
    6. Friday 22nd – Ads 2.

    So join the group!


    Hi – I have been officially “hustled” by Andy and am very happy to help.

    The advice from Claire is spot on – you 100% need the Facebook pixel setup. This must be installed on your website and separately installed on your shopping cart. Once you have done this you will be able to better track sales from Facebook and especially important is showing FB who bought since this helps them to optimise for sales.

    I agree that you need conversion campaigns and you can only do this once you have the pixel installed on your cart. What I also recommend is spending at least 30-50% of your ads budget on value add content that asks for nothing – informative, educational, humourous, etc – whatever matches your brand. Run targeted ads on this kind of content for engagement and traffic (facebook campaign objectives). Then, set up a custom audience in Facebook that includes everyone who has a) engaged on FB or Insta b) watched a video c) visited your website d) bought something in the past. This warm audience is the one to promote your conversion campaigns to.

    To summarise.. show value-adding content to cold audiences using targeted ads, build warm and engaged audiences, then run conversion campaigns to sell to those warm audiences.

    This might sound hard but only because you are learning it from scratch. The Facebook Blueprint course is a fabulous place to start and all of this would seem easy once you do that.

    I hope it helps and good luck!


    Hi there, I absolutely agree with Claire and Nick, get that pixel on your website as fast as you can, noting that the sooner you get it going, the more data you’ll have to draw on when you need it. I also note that your Instagram is really on brand and showcases your product well, but when I click through on my mobile to shop, some of the pieces are a little hard to find. Check that your product tags are updated and make the home page really clean with a nice big ‘Shop Now’ button. On my mobile phone your Covid message is taking up all of the real estate. It should be really obvious where I need to click in order to purchase something. When I hover over a product title can it highlight so I know to click it? You’ve got a great business there, and with the support I am seeing above I am sure things will improve in no time.

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