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I put a post-up in Instagram (crossposted to FB) 7 weeks ago, it got 34 likes,then 4 days ago I did a boost/ad on Facebook using the same post to go to FB and Insta feeds (note Instagram and FB linked). From that ad, 42 likes came into notifications for that photo/ad, but when you go on to the photo/post on our page Instagram there isn’t 42 additional likes it’sstill remaining at 34. So we are wanting to know where did the extra likes go?Why didn’t it increase? Where do you go to see who’s liked our post in insta and seewhere those extra likes went (so that we are able to invite them to follow us onInstagram). Thank you!

Question submitted 04/09/20 @ 11:16am
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    Hey there

    Great question and may I say that it’s great you are tracking your Instagram and Facebook likes and engagements (I hope you are keeping a spreadsheet outside the platform for later analysis too.)

    Without seeing your account it’s hard to say definitively what happened BUT I offer two ideas which may explain the situation.

    1 – Some people may have liked your post and later unliked it.
    2 – Instagram bots who “like” your posts but have been coded to remove evidence of their activity after they have engaged with you. Also Instagram removes bots that they discover which is covered in 3 below.
    3 – If they person has later blocked you all their likes and comments are removed

    What can you do next?
    I have a couple of suggestions
    – Keep trying to grow your following – here are some articles which may help

    How to Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram? (including the fix)

    – Also mention your posts in your email newsletter so people who may have missed the social media post can later get on and see / comment / like. I do this regularly for one of my businesses with a phrase like

    “Join the conversation on [this topic] on our Facebook page.” and link to the permalink for that post.

    I find a lot of people click through from the newsletter – which gives you a secondary boost to that post.


    Hi there
    Great that you are reviewing your results! As Rebecca mentioned above, it is really difficult to know exactly what has happened without seeing your account.
    At a guess, besides what Rebecca has mentioned, is it possible that he likes were figures for Facebook rather than Instagram? If you open the post in Instagram, you can click on View Insights at the bottom left of the picture and see how many likes you got from Instagram there. Check this figure as that will be the likes for the Insta post itself.
    Hope that this helps


    This is a common issue when you run ads on a Facebook post and leave Instagram selected as a placement. What happens is that an Insta ‘ad’ is created which is not linked to your original Instagram post, nor related to your new FB post other than using its content. The ad and your likes are in cyberspace and only visible to someone who sees the ad, then the ad stops and it all goes away.

    This is an issue with engagement posts on Facebook content only. The solution is turning Instagram off as a placement when you run a FB engagement ad.

    You should be able to confirm if this is what happened in FB ads manager. Hover over the campaign name and click ‘view charts’ and then click ‘placement’. If your charts show all or most of your placement was on Instagram, then this is the problem.

    Solution: If you run another ad on the same content and this time turn off all other ad placements except for the FB newsfeed, you will see any gained likes on your FB post as expected.

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