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I really need IT help as I’m trying to shift online. I need help knowing how to install. Live function of Vimeo into my website and how it works. I also need to know how to make it look more ordered and prettier for customers. I would love advice on social marketing- is it worth engaging a professional here? I have been ripped off before.

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 12:14pm
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    Thanks for reaching out. Manaaki has teamed up with Swiftly to offer 1000 free websites. They are having some great results. May be worth having a look, can’t hurt!!



    Hi Anonymous,

    What type of business do you have? When it comes to a deciding whether to pay a professional to do your social media marketing you should think about the pros and cons.

    1. Do you have more money than time? Sometimes it is worth delegating and paying for tasks you don’t have time to do yourself if you can afford it. It takes some pressure off you.
    2. Sometimes professionals will be able to create better-looking content than you could.
    3. On the flip side social media often works better when the voice is coming from within the business – from you the owner and founder as it is timely and relevant.
    4. As you know, sometimes if there are no proven results from you paying someone, it can be hard to justify the expenditure and in that case you’d save money bringing it in-house.

    There is no right or wrong answer, it really depends on your own situation.


    Hi there, I will let an expert answer the vimeo question, but I can offer a perspective on the social media marketing part of your query. The short answer is: it depends! If you have a small budget (say under $2000/month) then you are probably best to manage yourself or inhouse, and upskill with training on latest tools or techniques. But as your spend level increases you probably want to be across more technical details and be managing multiple campaigns and audiences, reviewing ROIs, etc. So you might hit a stage where an expert enables you to spend more effectively and effectively. If you are going to work with a third party, be very clear about your brief and requirements and budget. Ask for recommendations and references, and once you find some one you want to work with, agree a joint plan, with milestones and review dates. That process makes it much more likely you will be aligned on expectations and get great outcomes.

    Good luck, Vicky

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