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 I really need some help ! I have registered as a company without knowing I could just be a sole trader (I know dumb move ) in finding it hard to apply for removal from the register as I don’t really understand anything PLEASE HELP haha 

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  • Hi There
    If your company is has not traded (which I am assuming from your question, as a director of the company you can apply to have the director removed from the register. you need to follow certain steps which are clearly spelled out on the Companies Office website. I will not restate what is contained in that as it is very well explained step by step on that website with links to the application form and other information. Use the below link.

    You will need to have a RealMe account and have been verified as a director and someone authorized to act on behalf of the Company which again is a straight forward exercise. You will also need a letter from IRD advising that they agree to the company being removed which, again, should not be an issue if the company has not been trading.


    Oh bummer – it really is a bit of a pain as you are still legally required to ensure any filing of earnings etc are up to date before closing it, but the Companies website does have a pretty clear step by step.

    Have you already traded as your company?

    If you have, you cannot close it until the end of the financial year e.g next year, so get everything all lined up as they are unable to accept early closing request.

    Record the date you officially stop trading as the Company, then get on with trading as your new Sole Trading self.
    Hope that helps but let me know if you need any further detail.

    Mauri ora,

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