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I really need some ideas to spark motivation with online marketing and to really take things to the next level. I feel as though I’m in a rut/funk and this past month of isolation has really affected my mood. What next steps could I consider to get things rolling again? 

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  • Hi there
    I totally understand. What we have collectively been going through is a process of grief and loss – loss of financial stability, certainty, confidence etc. The fourth stage of grief is Depression and Sadness. Whilst people might not fall into a clinically diagnosed depression, many of us have felt ‘down’ (myself included) and this could be the funk you are feeling. A great, free and easy first step to alleviate these feelings is to look at what you’re eating and how you’re moving – reduce consumption of sugar and inflammatory foods/drinks, and make sure you’re getting fresh air and moving your body daily. Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion) so moving is particularly helpful to move through and out of negative energy. While you’re moving you could listen to music or podcasts in your area of business/interest to spark motivation.
    You might also like to try meditation (loads of apps out there, and I have a free one at http://www.tuifleming.com/covid). Immediately after meditating, try journalling to capture feelings and thoughts. Writing moves thoughts from your mind onto paper – again a way to clear negative energy – and frees up space in your mind to be curious and creative. I do this daily for 20 minutes and most of my own content creation comes through journalling – it’s certainly the tool I use most to spark inspiration… and following inspiration comes motivation.
    I hope this helps.

    Hi there, without more info about what kind of support you need re the online marketing side of life, I would encourage you re motivation to go back to basics and get clear about ‘why’ you do what you do. Switching the brain into how we can be of service can help lift us through our funk. A quick exercise to try is a two-step question.

    1. Consider someone asking you ‘What do you do? …write down your standard response.
    2. Consider the same question again, and answer using this ‘I get to help people/team/orgs …. so they can….’ (fill in the gaps. The idea is to look to the higher purpose of your enterprise.

    Belief in yourself and your purpose turns funks and ruts into an obstacle course you must find ways to navigate. I am happy for you to get in touch if you need an ear to help you get clear for yourself.

    You could also search Facebook Groups for your niche and get support there – there are loads of free support groups…or you could start your own? Your local community will have initiatives to support online biz too. And of course there are online marketers offering heaps of good deals for training at present if you feel like joining a community.

    I do not know you but I absolutely believe in you and the power of possibility.
    Stay safe,
    PS The funk is totally natural so no beating yourself up.

    Firstly I’d suggest you relax any self judgements about being in a rut. I think most of the planet is feeling a bit stuck, uncertain, anxious and fearful right now and have no idea the perfect step to take :). The fact that you’re thinking about how to take things to a next level is a great sign in this climate.

    Without knowing any details of your business (and I’m happy to have a chat if you’d find it helpful so that I can understand your context better), I personally suggest now is a time to take a totally fresh sheet approach to your marketing. The climate has changed so significantly in so many ways. Ask yourself, what’s your intention, what’s the value you offer, to whom and who is currently willing and able to pay for it? Do they have awareness of your offer? Do they understand your offer? Keep your steps super simple. Use a mind map if you like that approach. Keep investment simple right now until the future is clearer. And be prepared to repeat. Take small actions right now, each day towards one client, one connection etc…and try stuff. Ask questions. This will bring info and motivation. See what works. See if it doesn’t. Ask why. Both are equally useful for progress. What are others doing that works/that doesn’t and why.

    I don’t think there’s one right answer for you here around the step to take but rescale your expectations and stay flexible. Timing for the right action at the right time is always key. Hope this helps.

    hey there… 1 thing I am asking of my athletes at the moment that has transitioned across to some of those I do business with is… writing down 2-3 goals for the day. Not to get as overwhelmed with the long list of tasks that we have sitting infront of us. Better to achieve 100% of 3 things. than 0% of 100 attempts 🙂

    Hello there,

    Im hoping the new announcements as regards to potential level 2 will help lift your spirits and you will be able to have more connections with in your community.

    I have found days have all begun to blend together and some of my motivation has dropped off, like you I have had that feeling of being in a rut. Its important to recognise your not alone and many will be experiencing similar feelings. This isn’t to diminish any feeling , rather to highlight that this will be quite a common response to our lockdown and subsequent alert levels and consequences of those.You are not alone.

    My go to actions are exercise, meditation, eating well, brainstorming, creative activities, ie art, writing a poem or song, journal writing.

    I also set myself a couple of small goals daily so as not to become overwhelmed over circumstances I can’t control, and to help with having purpose each day.

    I also try and find some way to help someone else , as this has a two fold effect. Someone else can benefit from my contact or involvement, making a difference, and I can feel good about helping another.

    warm wishes and all the very best

    There’s a startup community over at https://microconf.com/ that have just released a whole bunch of videos with lots of ideas about all things related to starting your own business. You could try looking at some of their videos.

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