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I run a gym. I know how important exercise is for mental and physical health. Can my customers come in if they maintain physical distancing? Or can I host workouts outside?

Question submitted 20/04/20 @ 04:13pm
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  • The best advice is go to this web site – and work through the various scenarios, but generally speaking we believe things like Gyms are not permitted at Level 3. https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/

    As you are not allowed to open at this stage of the lockdown, have you thought about running live video training sessions for your customers, to keep them engaged with your business – and giving your customers advice on using household items instead of gym gear.

    Some of the gyms we deal with are now charging a small weekly fee to attend their video sessions online, and that’s keeping their customer engaged.

    You can use Zoom or Google Hangouts to run these from a calendar event.

    Replies already listed are correct. No public Gyms at level 3.
    Even at level 2, it will be interesting to see if small groups are allowed to start coming together whilst physical distancing is in place … watch this space!
    In the interim a couple of good innovations for social fitness networks have been taking place to bring together virtual communities:
    Running groups using Strava
    Cycling groups using apps like Zwift
    If you are looking to write training programs, check out: Visual Coaching Pro (very comprehensive and my preference) or if its more for multi sport athletes and weekend warriors, then you may find Training Peaks is enough to get you going remotely.
    Cheers JT

    Hot off the press:

    NZ gyms could be open within weeks – in Australia gyms could remain shut until as late as September.

    See Stuff article out today.

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