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I run partner dancing classes (such as salsa). We are based in Wellington. The classes and socials run from 1hr to 4 hours and people are bodily touching with their faces close (15cm). They would often dance with the same person for more than 15 mins in a session even if not continuously and swap partners after 1-4 dances. While I can get people to sign in for contact tracing, they come from a range of communities across the region and only get together for dancing events, so are not a natural community or bubble. We have been using hand sanitizer and we could wear masks, but I feel that in level 2 partner dancing should probably not go ahead. I have asked a medical specialist and she says no, but many others in the community want to go ahead. I know dance schools canoperate but get the feeling that’s only if people can remain 1m apart from each other. I’d really like some official guidance. 

Question submitted 17/08/20 @ 04:11pm
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  • I can’t give you official guidance sorry but hopefully another viewpoint here can provide that. I can only encourage you from a leadership perspective to simply take your own stance.

    We decided early on in relation to our own companies to decide what leadership of the industry would look like and not wait to be told what to do but role model responsibility for others. You do this anywhere and I think the short term cost will pay off.

    Best of luck with the direction you chose to take. I understand the difficulties (I co-own a tourism business!) so its challenging and creative times. X

    Such good advice from Zoe, and I know so challenging because you also want to support your community. Can’t tell you what to do, but to just be true to yourself and your values. Good luck and thank you for reaching out.

    There is no way you could dance with ‘distancing’ in place? I know a slightly challenging question, but could be kind of fun and a compromise? Shadow Dancing?

    Thank you both. Some partner dance classes have moved to individual dances or ‘training’ sessions for level 2 so it doesn’t have to be up close and I think that’s fine – it’s just the holding your partner and swapping partners bit that’s the problem in level 2. I think it’s a level 1 activity 🙂

    Go well, and all the best, Andy

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