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I urgently need to get a functional website up that is beautiful and creative. i do not feel I have the budget for what i need. I have a product that has had good responses.

Question submitted 02/06/20 @ 05:37pm
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    It’s tough isn’t it. What was the old saying you can pick two out of Good, Fast and Cheap, but you can’t have all three.

    Thankfully there are some cheap good DYI sites out there. A lot well documented on this site. Swiftly was helping with the 1000 website project here: https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/

    So you could look at them, you could look at Squarespace or Shopify too.

    But getting your photography, copy, identity right are really important. Take the time to do a good job with these elements and make sure you have a site that stands up against your competitors.

    But don’t sweat about perfect. Make a start, then make it better and better and better and better.


    I would love to hear more about your business idea – what is the product you are selling? Who is the target audience? Is this for the local and/or international market? What marketing material do you currently have? Are there any challenges with delivery with Covid-19? Are you looking for an e-commerce site or a marketing site? I ask all of these questions because while I love the idea of a great website, I understand the limitations of budgets and there are other ways in which you can promote your brand and product.

    I have had seen significant success with some products through the channels of facebook and Instagram for a nominal investment (mostly being that of time, great images and a compelling message). For other products, leveraging websites with an established, diverse, large and authentic audience (trademe, archipro, builderscrack etc) can be the way to go for some immediate traction and exposure – then you can use that revenue gain to invest in digital assets of your own. Come back to our team with more information and we can provide some more specific guidance.

    And, don’t give up – you have made the hardest decision in investing in an idea and you already have “good responses”.



    Agree with Duncan and Ange’s advice.

    A good product with good feedback is a great position to be in. Many new businesses have similar challenges – starting with a low budget and still requiring high quality solutions supporting ‘being market competitive’.

    Repeating Duncan’s advice – Swiftly 1000 website project is a great option https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/.

    Smaller operators that comprise graphic design, web site setup to create a strong visual appeal may also be worth looking at. These are usually home based workers with low overheads and more compelling price points – https://www.souldesigngroup.co.nz/ is an example. There are others so shop around.

    A mix of the two may be worth considering.

    Happy to talk further.

    Good luck and please reach out to the Manaaki team.

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