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I want help with Social Media, can anyone recommend a company that does this? based in Christchurch 

Question submitted 17/05/20 @ 04:06pm
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Kia ora… Can you provide a little more info as to what your business is? as this will help be a little more specific to you.

    Hi there – try posting on social media groups/meet-ups in Christchurch e.g. Facebook – and /or think about why they need to be based in Christchurch – there a few of the advisors/experts who are excellent at social media like Nick McDonald who could help. As Craig says, what industry, can you explain a bit more. Andy

    I am happy to help if I can, please drop me an email to nick@likeablelab.com. if you wish to set up a chat. I am not based in Christchurch however might be able to point you in the right direction if necessary, or just lend you some advice.

    Also one option to find a handful of local suppliers is to go to http://www.bark.com and plug in your details. You should get contact back from up to 5 local providers.

    Need more context to be able to provide you the help you need.

    1.Are you setting up profile
    2.Creating content
    3.Managing Ad Groups

    Jasmine Robertson she’s in christchurch and can help you

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