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I would love some support from a coach in wellbeing area or business coach . I’m a little confused about where to focus right now – whether I keep going for organic reach to my fb groups and sales funnels or do I take some of my tiny budget and spend some money to get people into my free and paid groups ?? I’m hearing from some coaches to need to just grow organically and others I need ads ?? 

Question submitted 06/08/20 @ 12:50pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Hi there – tough when you have this decisions in front of you. I would like to hear form you about the end result you are looking for, your goal, then lets see if we can unpick what are the things to do that might contribute you to getting there.

    Hi Lisa,

    I will be happy to jump in and provide some advice in regards to Facebook. If you can please provide a bit more detail as per Andy’s request that will be great. Plus links to your groups if you are happy t provide?

    Cheers, Nick

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