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I’m a start-up Health Coach looking to partner with local businesses to offer wellbeing support  for employees (a type of holistic EAP, if you like). I’m getting little response from the many things I’m trying – Networking, Facebook Ads, and word of mouth.Any ideas?

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    It’s quickly become a very competitive landscape. With online platforms, remote support & companies arranging their own internal initiatives.
    I would be interested to know what was the feedback you received from businesses or individuals you have approached directly?
    This might help to work through your next opportunity to approach a local business.
    Take care JT


    In this instance I’d rely on cold calling. Physically go and meet companies you’d like to work with. Offer them a novel programme that’s of value to their employees or customers and is a little different from other options but not too quirky that it wouldn’t be difficult to share. Employers endorse you when they hire you so they need something non contentious.

    If you have no existing testimonials behind you and are really in a start up stage, you may need to offer a discount eg 75% savings on the programme for the first 5 clients or for the first 3 sessions.

    In my trips I discounted the “Pilot Programme” to get the client names and testimonials to endorse me going forward and test my product/service. Piloting a programme also removes the risk to the client as they are under no illusion that you are a start up and they get to share in this experience.

    Once you have some names and testimonials the other forums of marketing are a little more effective but in my experience…it often comes down to cold calling and eventually word of mouth.



    I agree with Jamie – it’s become very competitive. I agree with Zoe too, and this is the strategy I used several years ago when I was a new starter in this arena:
    Mine were psuedo-cold calls; I contacted old colleagues and mentors. That way, there was one person championing what I was offering, however the context/environment/company was ‘cold’ in that I hadn’t worked for the company before. I also created a ‘pilot programme’ and discounted it for a win-win – they got a programme/service delivery for very cheap, and I got to field test my offerings.
    I’ve never found Facebook Ads work well for me. Finding, joining and getting vocal in Facebook Groups can help though – if you’re targeting local businesses, have you heard of She Owns It? This is one of NZ’s largest startup business online forums and could be useful to you. Have you got a LinkedIn profile? Getting active on LinkedIn is a great way to build your profile and credentials? Website? This too is a great place to house information and credentials on who you are and what you offer.
    Best of luck!

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