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I’m bringing out a new line based around sacred rituals. Should I create a specific umbrella for this line and place it under my current business?My current business is Kawakawa Spa Rongoa Clinic being both product and service. There is also another line under it I’ve created called Whakaora. 

Question submitted 04/09/20 @ 11:25am
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Kia Ora,

    Thanks for reaching out. Well done on coming up with creative new ways to expand your business.

    If the new line based around sacred rituals relates to the existing products and services of Kawakawa Spa Rongoa Clinic, and targets the same customers and target market, it would make sense to encompass this within your existing website and marketing efforts. This way, you can leverage your existing brand, customers, site visitors, and marketing efforts to up-sell and cross sell.

    When you launch your new line, you can reach out to your existing customers via email, perhaps with an offer to try this new line. And, you could also consider bundles of this line with your other products / services for a discounted price. Promotions of your new line could then generate interest in your other products and services.

    Good luck with the launch and new product line.


    Thank you for your valuable advice Leslie.

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