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I’m in a lease until April 2022, it’s a 4 roomed beauty clinic. I’m working to pay the rent more than anything else as I find it hard to get staff that suit the business. Mostly staff want to do the hours that I can cover myself and not the late nights and Saturdays etc. I want to down size or contract out rooms or sub let. Would love to talk it through with someone as I bought the business 7 years ago as a four roomed clinic so if I down size I reduce it’s value immediately. 

Question submitted 04/10/20 @ 09:32pm
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    I may know someone who might be able to rent 1 or 2 rooms. Where are you located?


    Hi, I am making this comment without understanding the financials of the business, but reducing the number of rooms of your business will not on its own reduce its value. It is the revenue that those rooms generate. If you are unable to recruit to fit the business, then this is the actual business risk rather than the size of the building. Subletting will reduce your costs and therefore hopefully maintain profit levels. Finding the right people for your business appears to be the element of your business that you need to focus on. As you have pointed out, the issue is the hours on offer. Sometimes as a business owner we need to “give ourselves the hard jobs” if we really want our business to grow and prosper. This may mean sharing the unfavourable hours in order to gain the skills you are looking for. Happy to talk this through with you further if you like. 027 224 9763 Pip

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