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I’m just starting an accounting business, specialising in one type of industry, and am now setting up my website.  I want to have information/instruction sheets/hints/best ways of doing things etc on my website, but I am unsure of the best way of doing this.  I could post blogs/newsletters on my website, making the information available to anyone who accesses the site.  That would allow people to see that I do know my stuff, and would provide content for non-clients to browse if they were checking out my services, but the information would then be available to competitors.I could post snippets of information and have those who are interested in more sign up for newsletters, which would give me access to email addresses.I’ve could use a client portal, where the more detailed instruction sheets are kept for my clients, and only post more general information on the public pages.I guess I’m wondering what is the best way to put this information on my website, that will allow prospective clients to access useful information that may make them want to sign with me, or sign up for newsletters, without giving competitors access to information sheets.  Do I use some type of client portal, or do I just bite the bullet and put the information out there, for simplicity’s sake?

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    Hi there,

    Excellent question.

    1. Write content that helps your market and can include a line saying for more info- fill in details (one option)

    2. No matter what you do you cannot avoid competitors they are part and parcel of running a business. What you do have to remember clients are paying for you, not the information because with enough googling people can pretty much figure a lot out on their own. The people who would copy and or steal your IP are not your clients anyway. They would not pay you anyway so not worth worrying about. A really good example is Tesla who has open-sourced all their development and still maintaining a competitive edge

    3. Look at what your aim is when creating these templates/ or pieces of content. Is it information to build authority or is to acquire leads by getting them on your mailing list and from there intro them to all your services.


    Hi there,
    Sounds awesome! You might be interested in taking a look at http://www.playbooks.live, it’s an NZ startup that’s launching very soon and could have a solution that works for you (and others in the business advisory/ accounting industry space). I’m happy to chat about how it works if that’s of interest?

    Otherwise, there are lots of ways you can be a thought leader (content creator) without giving away ALL your IP. Ideally you’d give prospective clients a “taste” of the value you can provide them. Gated content (a form with compulsory fields like name, email and interest) can work well, and the “browsers” at least have to give some details before they access your content. Testimonials are excellent to have on your website, and a way for potential clients to see the end result of the value you have added to previous clients.

    All the best!

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