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I’m looking for resources to offer to staff who are being made redundant – anything that will help to support them. Is there somewhere I can go to find this information or a list of resources that would be useful?

Question submitted 07/04/20 @ 01:07pm
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  • What sort of functions/roles are you talking about?

    Staff located in NZ or where offshore? Resources you might want to offer range from counselling, CV prep training, interview skills training, connections to help someone find their next job, etc.

    I am so so sorry to hear that you need to make redundancies, nobody wants to hear that. For the Covid19 period my business Roud Career Coaching is offering to coach (45) professionals who have been made redundant.
    If you can share more information with us all here at Manaaki.io I am sure there will be so many people able to support and help those effected…..
    Do let me know if we can be of any support. Look after yourself and each other.
    Nick Roud

    Hi there – it’s always tough to be supporting people who are losing their roles involuntarily. The challenge can often be tailoring the support to meet their real needs. For some people, they know what they want to do next, and need help with networking to get a foot in the door. For others, they need their CV to be sorted out so it is simple and focussed, and they need to practise some mock-interviews, so they are less stressed by the real thing. I always encourage people who are out of work to think about checking out their local library for CV books and resources – as a cheap way to get help. Many of the books available are authored overseas and are expensive. Most HR people would lend a hand to people in need in my experience. Perhaps consider approaching HRNZ to see if they have people who would be willing to mentor people looking for their next role – or if that doesn’t result in the help they need, let me know and I’ll see what I can organise for you. If the people (or you) can afford proper outplacement coaching, then that is the best support that can be offered. Great to see Nick offering some free coaching above – that’s a really generous offer. Good luck and kia kaha. Fiona

    Hello – I agree with all the advice above and the offer of free counseling is especially great as well from Nick. My add is to not forget about the families of those made redundant and the need for mental and/or financical wellbeing resources.

    There are resources on the web (https://www.allright.org.nz/) that just launched for mental wellbeing and for financial you could look at Sorted (https://sorted.org.nz/).

    Given the uncertain times after Level 4 is lifted making sure people and their families have the resources to not only find a job but also stay well and manage their money is important.

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