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In May this year I launched a new podcast called Kiwi Foodcast. Our goal is to share the real stories behind NZ’s food entrepreneurs, writers and those working in the F&B industry and show that there is more to Kiwi food than pies and sausage rolls.We have had about ten episodes release on a weekly basis and I am now looking for ideas and assistance on how I can spread the word about my podcast so we can get more listeners. I have tried the below approaches:1. Ask the guest to promote their episode – Not much success as the guest maybe promotes it once on one medium and that is not really enough. I do usually send them marketing material they can use easily but that hasn’t really helped.2. Social media – I am currently doing about 3 posts on Instagram, 1 on LinkedIn and 2 on Facebook for each episode. The reach for these posts is quite limited as my page only has 100 followers3. Facebook groups – Have tried posting on Facebook groups like Chooice but I guess its not the right medium as people don’t recognise a podcast as a ‘business’ as such. I would really like some more ideas of no-cost marketing/promotions I can do to get the word out there. I want to reach out to the media but not sure how or where to start with this. 

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    Hi Perzen,

    You have made a good start with your ideas and approach – here are a few more to consider:

    I am a podcast enthusiast one of the ways in which I choose what to listen to is the good old-fashioned google search for top <> podcasts 2020, so one suggestion I would make would be to consider engaging with publishers who have promoted podcasts previously to see if you can make the list. Particularly now with Auckland at Level 3 and people promoting what to do at home. For example: https://www.viva.co.nz/article/food-drink/food-related-podcasts-to-listen-to/ and https://www.purewow.com/food/food-podcasts and https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=12322172.

    Facebook: You mention your reach is limited with the number of followers you have. Consider joining Foodie related fan groups. A quick facebook search of foodies returned a number of results – see if you can join and share the podcast details. Although with a cost, consider paid advertising to reach your desired demographic – link the advertising to the demographic profile (use the interests option and choose food related interests).

    guest promotion: you have exceptional guests – ask them to do more. Give them an idea for a competition to offer their social media fans and perhaps tag to the end of the podcast (if you have enjoyed this podcast comment on this platform and go in the draw to win – listen and rate the episode they feature in and go in the draw to win – (cookbook, peanut butter, signed menu, etc). Remind them of the benefit of linking to the episode from their digital assets – the enhanced credibility and reach and access to the audiences of the other guests – a win for all!

    Network: I see you are part of a team of podcasters – have you promoted your podcast in the other podcasts? Perhaps run a trailer episode? Think Wondery who promote all of their content across the podcast portfolio.

    youtube: Can you film any of the interviews and load content onto youtube as a teaser?

    content: look to publish transcripts of the interviews on your website – this will help with SEO.

    call to action/audience engagement: i listened to the peanut butter podcast and thought you could have asked at the end for the listener, assuming they enjoyed the episode to tell their friends, like it etc. Perhaps also a bit of a teaser for the show next week? Ask the audience if they want to submit ideas as to who you should interview and why.

    Go well!


    Kia ora Perzen
    Congratulations on starting a new podcast! I look forward to having a listen.
    Here are a few ideas:
    Make a list of key media, e.g. food and lifestyle magazines, inserts in weekend newspapers, online media, radio shows.
    For the magazines etc, you could put together 150 words or so for an ‘in brief’ mention that could feature in their publication. Send that along to the editor/producer with a high res image and ask if they would be keen to include it. You could also offer to have them on the show.
    You may already be doing this but I suggest you get some feedback from your listeners on the content you are producing. What is resonating? What is falling flat? Then think about how you could repurpose your content in social / traditional media.
    Promote episodes in ads. Even past episodes.
    You could do a survey on food trends through covid and release that to media as an announcement.
    A trick I learned from @Kale Panoho… if and when you do get media coverage, post it online and have 20 friends (ideally internationally) ready to comment in the first hour to trigger the algorithm.

    One final question – is your audience NZ foodies? Because I think they already know there is more to NZ than sausage rolls 🙂
    Take some time to understand your target market and how and what media they consume. I can flick you a worksheet to help you with this.

    Hopefully there is something helpful in here. Happy to chat if you need to.

    All the best!



    Hi Perzen,

    I’m not an expert in Podcasts nor a foodie, but as a fellow entrepreneur, just wanted to reach out to say well done! Huge first steps. Getting something off the ground is really tough, and keeping the momentum going takes a lot of effort, willpower, determination, resilience. Keep pushing, little steps at a time. It doesn’t always have to be exponential seismic growth. The advice you have been given above is fantastic. Go well, you’re certainly well on your way.



    As a fellow podcaster I know what you’re going through – it is hard to get an audience as you start.

    I recommend having a website and a newsletter as well as the audio podcast so that you have ONE central place to refer to your brand which is owned by you.

    And then I suggest you find lots of new ways to enable easy subscription
    My audience can listen or watch my podcasts – I do audio and video versions.
    The subscription options include
    – RSS
    – Podcast apps
    – YouTube channel
    – Newsletter
    – Desktop alerts
    and lastly social sharing.

    Do take the advice offered by @Bee above about approaching media organisations.

    I got a client’s podcast syndicated to a national media website and he gets 5x as many listens from people who stream the episode from their website as from other sources. He also transcribes the episode on my recommendation so they get an “article” as well as an embedded media player. Again, let the customer decide how to consume your content.

    Contests and giveaways are nice, but the best way to promote is to find joint venture partners. Select those who already have an audience and agree a mutual share execution across all channels.
    And choosing those same brands as your guests or sponsors also helps grow awareness.

    It can be a frustratingly slow process – but stick with it. So many podcasts shut down after a few episodes and it sounds like you have the determination to stay the course.

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