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    • Nellybelz

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      Question submitted 14/10/20 @ 08:51am

      In the beginning I joined network marketing for an extra income, it has now developed into a self development and servant leadership passion. My vision is to create a community of supportive and empowering people that uplift and bring blessings to each other’s lives, I know so many that have these attributes and many more that could benefit from an online Facebook service like this.My question…..where would I find someone to cover out what I’ve created so far and what steps would be my next best? I do feel somewhat stuck as I’m developing better online communication skill s. Many thanks in advance for this service.

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      • Amanda

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        Reply submitted 14/10/20 @ 08:51am


        Hi Nelly (hope that is the correct name)
        Getting going online is a mission and takes focused work just like any other business. If you are just wanting to grow a community, choose a platform to use (Commune might a good one to research for your purpose) and let your database/contacts know where it is and how to join (of course being clear about the purpose and aims of such a group first). If you have resources you can give away for free that will let interested people know what you have to offer, use that as a ‘lead magnet’ to exchange your content for their email. Eben Pagan is worth googling as he is sincere and has a lot of free material and so does Marie Forleo re starting your online community. Bottom line, you set it up (your community group) and then start letting people know its there. In my experience it is a challenge to find someone who can unpack what you have created so far and turn it into what you need but there is a process and if you follow the steps the experts lay out, you will find your way. I found the most important thing to get clarity on is what will you do with this group? Is it a business proposition? You need to choose a model to work with as there are several ways to go. Not sure if that is any use but all the best – I have been on this journey for years now and finding people can be tricky but you will get there with such a noble intention. Stick with it! Cheers, Amanda

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