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In Travel business selling mainly air tickets and tours mainly inbounds.Major markets are China, Taiwan.At the moment, we are left with tickets amendments and nothing else.What alternative businesses we can pick up now?Please advise and thanks for your help.

Question submitted 02/04/20 @ 01:05pm
Industry: Tourism
  • Hi Zoe,
    Certainly a challenge when 100% of your market has gone and a difficult problem to to solve. Maybe just a couple of ideas to think about..
    – Under lock down it is very difficult to action this but could you change your business to target local Chinese speaking residents of NZ and sell them domestic holiday packages? Many NZ tourism operators have limited Chinese language capability and don’t target the Chinese market and certainly not the Chinese NZ market.
    – Could you try to build a database of local residents using local Chinese media (Skykiwi etc) and social media groups now? Maybe offer a prize of incentive to gather their contact details then target them with offers of domestic travel ideas later.
    – You could also use this to sell outbound tours and flights in the future.

    Just a couple of thoughts anyway..
    Best of luck

    Are you able to pivot your business to focus on the domestic market? It is highly unlikely the Chinese market will open up for quite some time. Perhaps you could put together options for Kiwis? For the Chinese market, it’s now about maintaining relationships so that when borders re-open, you are in the choice set for travel providers.

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