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Is anyone able to provide any clarity on the subsidy scheme and the apportionment of subsidy’s. IE if an employee works 15 hours for which the subsidy payable is based on 20 and another works 30 hours will we be able to reallocate the additional subsidy paid for part timers to assist with closing the gap for those who are not quite 40 hours.

Question submitted 26/03/20 @ 03:45pm
Industry: Retailing
  • Hi Penny, as you have picked up, the wage subsidy is being paid at the two flat rates. As I see it, a deliberate move to try and keep things simple(!) The outcome of this is much like you have described – ie, it is possible employers will, rightfully, receive $350pw in respect of employees that are, correctly, paid less than $350pw; and will, rightfully, receive $585.80pw in respect of employees that are paid more than $585.80pw. The employer will receive the subsidy in bulk and there is no requirement to ‘trace’ this or allocate it through to payments made to specific individual employees – simply a requirement that the employer continues to pay each employee at least 80% of what they are normally paid, part-time or full-time for the 12-week period of the subsidy. If they do this, all other things being equal, they will continue to meet the criteria.

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