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Is it worth investing in non-digital advertising like radio ads, posters, or newspapers and magazines?

Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 06:58pm
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    It depends on what media your target market consume. `It could be worth developing some target market personas and getting clear on your business goals. Are you a national brand or community based? This will have a big sway on what media you invest in.

    Check out Russell Douglas’ threads, he has some great links to free resources to help you clarify your position and strategy. https://www.manaaki.io/forums/users/russell-douglas/replies/

    In terms of advertising I would say it is super important to get the word out, especially now. So if you can invest in it – it is worth looking at. There are also some great rates available. Ideally you would have a mix of media in the ‘market’ so that you reach your people in different ways. And you can test which mediums work well for you. It is also important that you have compelling ads – so hiring a designer/copywriter can work wonders. Many of the media houses also have in-house creative teams to help you.

    I will do a quick synopsis of the benefits of each of those mediums you mentioned:

    Radio: You can be super selective and target specific demographics and market segments, increased frequency, it can be more memorable, cost effective, time efficient and if the ad is done well you can get measurable results. Great

    Posters: Posters are cost effective, great for local awareness or if you are targeting people who live and play in busy cities. If positioned where people gather, e.g. a bus shelter you can elicit an emotional response with a great ad and drive people online through a ‘call to action’. It can be more memorable than a digital ad as it generally stands alone in your line of sight.

    Newspapers: When it comes to newspapers, there are two main players: Stuff (Dominion Post, Sunday Star-Times and most community papers) and NZME (NZ Herald, some community papers and a number of radio stations). Both would be able to give you options across their various titles. Newspapers have a short lead time and a broad audience. So if you need to get the word out to a lot of people quickly (e.g. a big retail sale) this could be successful.

    Magazines: Longer lead in time, and people tend to hold on to them for longer. Magazines tend to cater to a more niche audience so if the profile of your bullseye customer matches a certain magazine, it could be worthwhile including the title in your marketing mix.

    I hope that is helpful. We have relationships with the media houses so let me know if you want to chat before you make approaches. We could decide which might be best for your business to test out over a short period.

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    That’s a great question, and agree it is highly related to your target market and what mediums they use. One thing to keep in mind are differences between the national options vs the regional / local options. Regional radio is very cost effective (pre-Covid) and works really well, if you are careful on when the ads run tied to your audience. Regional papers can also have a very niceh role to play as well in smaller communities.

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