Question :
Is there any benefit to making a website if I’m already selling on Facebook?

Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 01:22pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Well – if you are selling on Facebook, how are you ‘transacting’ the money – maybe via the new Facebook Shops which has payments in there as well? One reason people have historically had a website in addition to Facebook so they can transact and also build up their database of contacts in their own system. It is kind of like a dual strategy.

    Definitely worth having a website too. What if Facebook make changes that impact your reach, ability to transact or even decide to remove your business? With your own website you have a far higher degree of control.

    It’s an interesting question. My stepdaughter set up on Instagram for her art business, plus was managing her own website as well. She’s given away her website now. I was very much “but you NEED a website!” However, Insta is working well for her. So I’d say “it depends”; on what you are selling, and on your target market. If you’ve got traction on FB and you’re happy with your niche, that’s awesome. If you want to scale up your business and have more control, then you definitely need a website.

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