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Is using ‘influencers’ actually worth it? How much should I be paying them?

Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 06:59pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Influencers potentially help you reach the target customer you are looking for – they can give you ‘voice’. First thing to get right (1) identify your target customer (2) work out where they sit, where they are – then think about ‘how do I reach them’ – and influencers might be one of these strategies. What I would do however is see if you can do some trials first to see if your assumptions are right.

    In terms of ‘pricing’ – one test you can do is approach Socialites or We are Tenzing and ask them for a proposal to support your campaign to get a price – this will help you work out ‘how much it could cost’ for one off posts or a series of posts.

    Good luck.

    PS another hack is ‘ask’ a friend who knows an influencer to do it for free!!

    Hi there,
    You might be interested in the entrepreneurial journey of Brianne West, with her company Ethique. Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears both posted about Ethique back when she was working out of a very small kitchen in Christchurch, which sparked massive media interest and helped her go global.
    Check out this link here: http://www.westpac.co.nz/rednews/women/meet-the-women-of-influence-winner-who-built-an-ethical-empire-out-of-shampoo-bars
    Using an ‘influencer’ who aligns with your brand can work well if it is an authentic, genuine fit. Create something cool enough that celebs promote you for free! Or, see Andy’s suggestions above.
    All the best.

    Hi … I’d echo Michelle and Andy’s comments… research influencers who will get an intrinsic buzz from what you’re doing. Find a way to appeal to them which illustrates you’ve thought about what really matters to them, as opposed to just using their profile. Be a little quirky and most of all be super real and sincere. Best of luck, S

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