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It feels like a never ending battle trying to keep my business afloat. I’m struggling, but have a plan and I’m capable of succeeding. Broken it down and I’m focussed. But everytime I think it’s going to be ok I get hit with something else. I’ve had my last parent pass away, brain surgery and these two rounds of Covid in the last 2 years. It’s a wonder I even have a business let alone two shops. Got anything inspirational for me? 

Question submitted 15/08/20 @ 03:25pm
Industry: Retailing
  • Hey – the crap that has served itself up to you will make you stronger, it will fortify you, and you have a plan – planning makes and creates luck, and if you keep working the system, you will find this next stream of success. You have to believe to do this – and you sound like you do. When I have been in tough spots, I have just broken it down into mini-sprints and forgot about dreams, about vision and just gone ‘lets just get to the other side’ ‘lets just win for a day’ and then when I win, I mini-celebrate and then say to myself – there you go, I and we can win, now go and do it again.

    So find something to win on – give yourself the credit for the win and do it again!

    I am sending you good vibes for the mini-wins! Andy

    Wow! Your own story sounds incredibly inspiring – and will no doubt help others too. That story is still being written. We are being really stretched right now and that stretching grows capacity – if we can stay with it. Micro chunking is the way to small successes – teeny ones even (like a walk where you affirm ‘With every step I take I move forward in my life’. This might sound trite but it is amazingly comforting when you say it over and over and mean it).
    Bottom line, the only way out is through (so said Helen Keller). You have been through so much and have more to go. You have a plan. You know you can afford to back yourself. You also know that re-creation is key to productivity and momentum. When you feel overwhelmed/blah, ask yourself ‘What do I need right now”, and listen to your own wisdom. It will not put you crook. You deserve to treat yourself really well. You sound like a very resilient human being. You have gotten through so much – you will get through this too. If you ever need a safe pair of ears, I am here. Wishing you all the best. You’ve got this.

    Thanks Andy, This helps. I just needed a little pep talk to get through. I think its the little celebrate part that I forget. Maybe that’s what I am missing.. every day starts to feel the same. Didn’t know how Manaaki worked so threw the thoughts out there 🙂 haha wasn’t sure anyone would read it or know what to say but your reply works! And coming from someone I respect it holds great value. Thank you.

    Hi Amanda, Great name. LOL Thanks – was having a moment. I think the only way I have made it through is to break it down into manageable chunks. Thanks for the safe pair of ears. I do start to doubt myself – it creeps in every now and again… like when we have the build up to a COVID announcement. The anxiety was high for everyone while we waited to find out about the new level. I shall go for a walk with my new little mantra ‘With every step I take I move forward in my life’. 🙂 Thank you.

    I think it’s hard to go past Winston Churchill in moments like this. ‘When you’re going through hell, keep going!’
    There’s so much truth in this. You’ve already achieved so much, just keep at it. It will come right. Cheers

    Amanda, we all need a sounding board, or confidence or belief some times. Sometimes we can look in the mirror and say ‘I’ve got this’ and sometimes you can look into the eyes of others who give you the confidence ‘to keep going’ – and I suppose the trick is trying to work out when you need what!! Ha ha – good on you for reaching out, by doing that you not only look after yourself, you also inspire others to reflect and recognise – this shit is tough, but as Peter says, just keep going, and believe with confidence that you will get through! I am calling this period the long flat line … but we and you will get through!

    Thanks Peter 🙂 I will keep going! I keep thinking “it’s just a phase.. it’s just a phase”. Eventually I have to egg through the worst of it.

    Hi Amanda, you’re not alone. My last two years have been a roller coaster with similar experience across three stores, forced to relocate, loosing mum, then along comes the freight train of 2020. Just as we’re trying to build is seems we step on another banana skin and slip back down. I’ve been making plans and arrangements only to wake the next day and realise all the goalposts have been stolen, literally just wanting to give up on more than one occasion.

    There are some in my industry saying they are doing better than last year, I can only assume they are fooling themselves, drunk or both. Like in social media, people only paint an upbeat picture even when the truth is glamorous.

    I take solace from the fact that we’re all in this together, and remind myself that it isn’t anyone’s fault. Most people are very understanding right now, it is easier to talk with suppliers and landlords and make unusual arrangements to keep to doors open. And now that we’re still here some of those who slammed theirs shut on us during our darkest hour are knocking on ours again.

    Great sharing thank you both Amanda and Big Kid.

    BigKid, I can imagine what 3 stores is like when two is hard enough. I think the other thing I feel is that I made these choices and now I have to live with the stress and consequences. Like it’s something that I should be better able to deal with. Every week (if not day) I see a new shop around me closed and I wonder what makes me think I’m special enough to survive this (business wise). I counter this with… well I made it this far.

    In terms of making plans – with pivot being the new buzzword – I am thinking to myself… what, that’s what Ive done all my life LOL Pick yourself back up and see what’s the new opportunity. As far as people saying to me.. don’t worry everyone is in the same position – I think you will agree that the bereavements take it out of you. Bouncing back when you have low energy and drive is hard. KEEP GOING BigKid, we got this? 🙂

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