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I’ve been attacked about making money, for a free event, so are we allowed to make money?

Question submitted 25/03/20 @ 02:36pm
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  • That is interesting – for me, money is not the purpose for our existence, it helps us do stuff, experience stuff – so I have no issue with making money from adding value to people, accepting that some people can’t afford the ticket price and/or aren’t prepared to pay – which might be a good indicator that they are not getting the value.

    There is some sensitivity about making money in times like this – but in simple terms, if you deliver value, why not charge something.

    When we started the Icehouse – for the businesses who were getting incredible value and making lots of money from the service, why not charge, that’s fair. But if there is no money, there is no money.

    Hi Ryan – this is such a good question. Thanks for naming the elephant in the room.
    1. Pricing wise, you have a few options to play with – you can offer reduced “covid-19 special” pricing and discounts, you could offer deferred payments, you could offer additional value and freebies (a great way to get people to sample more of what you offer)
    2. It also can help to openly acknowledge this – the fact your trying to stay afloat like so many others. It’s genuine and speaks from the heart
    Go well

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