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I’ve been working on an e-commerce company for the past year and during the launch period, COVID-19 came about.I only have one essential skills product.  How do I reach more whanua that is willing to support a startup business in these times?

Question submitted 22/04/20 @ 12:06pm
Industry: Sales
  • Kia Ora – have you launched your site yet – can you share it? People will support the business if they like the products, and/or the story behind it resonates with them – what we are all looking for in our business is word of mouth, that starts with people sharing – so I start with the people that know you and ask them to share it with their Whanau and then the circles just go out further and further – tell the story, get it shared in various platforms and then when people buy, follow them up to see what they thought, and then get them to share – all the best, Andy

    Hi There, Who are your target clients? Once you understand your ideal customer profile then you can communicate with them where they congregate either on or offline. Often purchases are emotional so share your story and why you started the company and tell as many people as possible. Be respectful but vigilant and focus on your customers needs not your own. Good luck.

    Is your website currently live at the moment, if so what’s your sites web address so we can take a look and offer some further advice. To get an e-commerce store up and running requires you to get it in front of your customers and not to expect that they will just come to you, social media can be a great way to get it in front of a lot of people quickly.

    Happy to help if you could give a little more info.

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