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I’ve installed and provide Free Little Libraries and Free Fruit and Veg units and will be distributing these throughout Mt. Roskill and Owairaka areas. I know there is funding for these community driven initiatives but where? At present, I do this self funded but it does take a toll and funding will be welcome especially with installing these units. No complaints though as I’m servicing a need. What I’m looking for is a gun who knows how to apply for funding on behalf of my “not for profit”  and what these funding agencies are looking for to complete a successful application. I’m a doer, just need that gun who’s the fund seeker.

Question submitted 14/07/20 @ 03:13pm
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
  • Kia Ora – how awesome is this, I hope the platform can find the gun who knows the funds, and/or I wonder whether your ‘entity’ may need to be registered to get some of these Not for Profit or Charity Grants? I know that often if you are asking for funding from say a Charitable Trust, such as Tindall Foundation or North Foundation, I understood that they required the received to be a registered charity under the Act. I might have this wrong however. Lets see who knows something about this. Andy

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