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Jacinda Ardern wears our (handmade fine porcelain and 9 carat gold) earrings on a weekly basis and has done for the last few years. Our key to business success is to direct sales through our website. How can we leverage Jacinda wearing our earrings to drive sales nationally and internationally?

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  • Hi Sam,
    I am assuming you have an e-Commerce website and that Jacinda is not a paid endorser! So, you need to be a little careful with using her image. However, you should be pumping up your digital communication to highlight this fact. Im sure popping in an image of our PM wearing your merchandise will be safe ground to play in but you can’t lead customers to think she is endorsing your product.

    There has always been some chatter about her earring choices so you might find a way to gain some PR by approaching one of the breakfast TV shows who are big on highlighting small business doing great things and combining your Jacinda earring angle with and general conversation on earring styles might be something that gets the producers interested.

    Hope this helps.

    Congrats and given Jacinda is advocating ‘Buy NZ Made’ maybe via your social media and media engagements reinforce she is living by her advocacy. Certainly would not help trying to reach out to her and she seems happy to share letters/stories so maybe a simple message to her to reinforce the impact of your story and thanking her for her support.

    However given her PR awareness internationally (and if you have the ability to meet international markets), it maybe worth looking at a PR strategy that connects images of her with your earrings with an appropriate msg that helps convey your WHY/Purpose intrinsically linked to the image of her/NZ. An exciting opportunity for you to be creative and have some fun in line with your brand values and those of Jacinda and our country.

    Could be chance to launch a range with a social purpose and share this with her too, so when she buys she’s naturally supporting a deeper cause.

    Have some fun with it! all the best!

    Hi Sam

    Congrats on getting your earrings on the PM for so long!

    This is a great angle for some PR. Here are a couple of things you could consider.

    1) ‘What’s hot’ lists. In lifestyle media: newspaper inserts, magazines, blogs where you see the flat lays of must-have products you could pitch your product with a short 50 word blurb, explaining that these earrings are ‘as worn by New Zealand’s PM’. Include a high res product shot. You could couple this with a giveaway for some of your higher readership outlets. Make a list of your target market’s favourite titles and study how the what’s hot sections are presented.
    2) Instagram: show Jacinda some love in a light hearted way with your weekly Jacinda ‘looks’. Take a pic of her on TV or repost from a news outlet and tag both the outlets and Jacinda in. You could also work in a giveaway here too.
    3) Along the lines of what my colleagues were saying above ^^, it could be an excellent time to launch the Jacinda earring. With some proceeds going to a good cause. For the wearer, they can reach for these earrings when they have a big work day – and channel some kind, calm, boss vibes. Send a beautiful box to Jacinda with a hand-written note thanking her for her support of your label. OR approach Jacinda to help you design them, percentage of proceeds to charity of her choice. Maximum kudos! Then you could do a full media launch around this and we could talk to broadcast, international titles.

    If you would like to chat, feel free to give me a buzz. 021-493-564. b@bravebear.co.nz. You’ve got this!
    Bee xx

    Further to this, I think it could make a beautiful feature in Vogue who famously featured her on the cover. They could profile the big moments Jacinda has faced over the last year and the earrings that she wore in those moments. With a wee profile on you and your story. Would love to chat and help if I can.

    Hey Sam – I actually tried to think about if we could get some direct connection to the PM, but on reflection, the Cabinet Manual restricts officers like the PM from doing commercial things – so that was a no-go before I even contacted her office. But that does not mean you can’t find ways to leverage the glow from her use and others of your lovely products. All the best. A

    Have you thought about providing bespoke products for her to give as gifts to foreign dignitaries? She meets many high profile people, and exchanges seem to be a big part of these missions. None are happening now obviously, but that gives good lead time. E.g. if she visited the UK, she may be meeting royalty – get where I’m going..? Her travel plans are generally publicised in advance, check on the parliamentary websites. If the wearer is high profile but not from NZ or a NZ politician, it makes leveraging this much less problematic (in most cases). Plus you’d get organic pick up in NZ and overseas media.

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