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Kia ora, as an aspiring Empowerment Coach for Wāhine, I would like to ask how i can attract potential clients, and also what accounting app or software is best to start with, or is it better to go with invoicing first? Ngā mihi Natasha Wehipeihana-Kaea.

Question submitted 12/07/20 @ 08:45pm
Industry: Start-ups
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    Morena Natasha – good on you for leaping into this very important purpose, love it, I personally believe that our Wāhine are amazing, have so much potential and am excited to see the impact of not only your work, but also others who are working in this area.

    To your questions:
    – Attracting Clients – I would think, that you either ‘attract’ your potential clients to you through activities like blogging, posting, newsletters e.g. marketing / profile activity or you need to go to where your potential clients are and then engage with them to form relationships and trust. I also think that if you have an existing network of Wāhine I would think about telling them what you are up and if they know or are keen to work with you. Remember your objective is to get ‘word of mouth’ going, and that starts with one Wāhine working with you, and getting a great experience and they tell others, and then you will get more. So don’t try and start at the end, but at the beginnning – one by one, engaging with your targets. Build messaging. Do things like surveys to understand your target. Build profile. Build engagement and I hope that will fill the funnel and enable some conversion.
    – Technology / Apps – I am two minds in this one, just go with spreadsheets to start with, use apps like Monday.com for time tracking, use Slack if you have contractors and/or clients you are working with and use all of the ‘free’ versions – at least until you really have volume and demand that can justify spending a bit more. This assumes you can track it all easily. In terms of accounting apps, Xero and Myob are good, I personally have experience with the former and find it good, like all things just takes a bit of time to learn about it, and you should try and reach out to other contacts who have used it to get some tips.

    Good luck – in the early days, I figure focusing on your market, the interactions with them, your customers is all that really matters – you can build the infrastructure once you have demand, demand is all that matters in the first period of an investment.

    All the best, Andy

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