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Kia ora awesome business advisors!Got some great advice a couple of months ago so circling back to ask about a new initiative we are trying. I own Nature & Nosh Tours – we run hiking and food tours across the Waikato and Coromandel with a 100% international audience pre-covid. We created a kiwi-focussed series of short escapes called the Guide Series and a few bookings have started to trickle in.I’m a couple of weeks away from launching our Corporate packages. I’m really excited about their long-term potential. We’ve partnered with Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari to offer bespoke half day to multiday corporate experiences for small groups of 6-15 that can incorporate: walking meetings (in nature), our immersive bush boardroom table for strategy sessions (facilitated or non-facilitated), wild food foraging, Rongoa Maori (traditional maori medicine) experiences, local food and wine tasting and demos, kayaking adventures and boutique or luxury accommodation.Through our partnership with Sanctuary mountain, our packages will contribute funds directly back to their conservation work and bird breeding programmes.I think from my research the bush boardroom and walking meetings are totally unique in NZ (has anyone come across anything similar?).I just wanted to ask questions around format. My background (before tourism and marketing) was conference & event management, so I know there may be opportunities for pre and post conference programmes. Sanctuary Mountain is based 50mins south of Hamilton and 1 hour from Rotorua, 1hour 20 from Tauranga.For companies looking for a company strategy session out of the office for their exec team, or team-building in nature with their small team, would this normally be half a day, or a full day including travel, or overnight? What time of year do they generally look to do something? (I know it will probably vary).I know companies generally have budget set for something like this, just looking for some insight if possible and maybe even a rough idea of budget per person. It’s almost impossible to find pricing online for similar packages as most are bespoke and priced upon enquiry.Thanks so much for any tips and tidbits you can offer.Cheers,Kylie

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    HI Kylie,

    Good on you for all the changes you are making and from looking at your website you are doing so many things right already. I am not really an expert on corporate and events but would strongly suggest if you have haven’t already, reaching out to PCO’s around the country, and to the convention bureaus attached to the larger RTO’s. The RTO’s should also have lists of the PCO’s that they work with. Pricing is a tricky one.. I don’t know about you but I hate sites and products that don’t even give an indication or a base price, so frustrating and in my opinion scares people off.. I get the bespoke bit, and the need to be flexible, but in many cases people don’t know what they don’t know and in some cases, what they want either… so i would recommend offering a selection of options that are priced, a low, medium, and high option.. many will choose the medium or middle option anyway which is better than only offering a starting price as this is what many will take if that is the easiest and quickest option.
    Other thoughts are to maximise your activity and engagement on Linked IN and connect with people in corporates or SME’s who might usually organise team away days. This varies of course, but is often left to executive assistants of GM ‘s or CEO’s to find options and coordinate, and in larger organisations the HR or People/Talent teams.
    There are also many leadership trainers, development professionals and coaches who have multiple clients already who maybe looking for plug-in half or full day activities for their programs.. Suggest Google to find these people in main cities, and approach them with sales materials and pricing etc. These guys are looking for engaging, educational, and or challenging activities for their clients to do that will teach them something, or encourage teamwork and bonding. Their clients are not on a holiday, or a junket, they are there to learn, be challenged, to collaborate, and foster team work and positive relationships so think what you can add in that delivers this.

    I hope this has helped a little.. All the best with it, Jason


    Kia ora Jason, thanks for your response! Great tip on pricing and having a low, medium and high option. I had thought about having a from $XYZ, but you’re right, that might end up being a target! I agree, really bugs me not having any sort of price indication on a website too.
    Love your idea about collaborating with business coaches, I’ve added that to my list to develop my database and contact these people.
    Great help – thanks so much!

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