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Kia ora e te whānau Manaaki! We’ve got a professional training event/leadership development retreat (pitched at business leaders) coming up next month that we’ve exhausted our usual direct marketing channel options with and have a small (a few $100) advertising budget that I’m trying to figure out where to direct to get most bang for our investment. I’m thinking LinkedIn (we’ve used facebook before but as a small ethical BCorp business we want to steer away from putting our $$ there for now) due to its professional reach… but we’ve not used that platform before for advertising – where to start?!. Any tips/ thoughts on what approaches to try using LinkedIn or other good alternatives to invest in that will get our event under the eyes of CEOs/boardmembers/directors and founders to whom the event is pitched at?    Ngā mihi nui. 

Question submitted 03/08/20 @ 02:30pm
Industry: Business Growth
  • Morena – Linked In is a good place, I have used it quite effectively to share posts and find contacts utilising the Premium Free Trial helped me id people to connect with – albeit I have not spent money on advertising on LI. I found access was obviously much easier when I was attempting connects for more general business purpose rather than promoting an event we were doing. Lets see if we can get a couple experts to jump on who have had experience on Linked In advertising, Andy

    Hi, we run LinkedIn advertising daily for both for ourselves and clients so have a good gauge of what works. Firstly massive respect and kudos for getting out there and doing it – I know how tight budgets can be in this environment! LinkedIn is indeed a great place to target CEO’s and directors, but with this certainty of the right eyes seeing your content, comes a significant cost over platforms such as Facebook. A typical CEO click is likely to cost you in the region of $10. So take a $200 ad spend and you might get 20 clicks if your content is good enough – max 40 clicks if your content is fantastic. Your offering will have to be amazingly enticing to make many sales from 20 clicks.

    My best advice would be do the mahi and get started on personal outreach via LinkedIn with your personal account and no adspend. Try to add value to your target demographics to get them on a call. It will be a lot of work and CEOs are busy, but you will get more than 20 eyes on your content. If you need to advertise then look at a LinkedIn sponsored inmail. Not many people use this option on LinkedIn and it should get you the best bang for your buck.

    Good luck with the event! I hope it goes great and that you fill lots of seats.



    With thanks Andrew and Nick for this advice. Yes – I just ran a small trial Linkedin ad and you’re spot on Nick – just under $10 per click. 🙁 So i will be trying your other ideas and checking out the option Stuff digital per-click advertising. Ngā mihi i tā rāua mahi. 🙂

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