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Kia Ora Guys,We’ve designed an reusable alternative to the everyday business card as a part of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme and I’d love your feedback on how we could make sales including sales channels, markets that we should contact etc.Our website is stapcard.co.nzCheers

Question submitted 09/06/20 @ 10:33am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi there… that’s a big question! And congrats on getting a business started. At the moment from the website it looks like you’re a B2C business. All the conventional routes for sales will apply, which I’m sure you’re all over, but nothing beats a plug on social media from someone with a shedload of follows and if you can sweet-talk your way into a profile piece in any relevant industry publications, that always helps too… eg IoD magazine.

    HI there – good one, in terms of how to get sales done, what work have you done previously in terms of the validation of the concept with users to understand ‘who’ could be a good place to start e.g. in your interviews when you conceptualised it, did you talk to different potential users and customers to understand ‘who really got it’ and would be a good place to start. If not, I would start with interviewing different users to understand who actually uses cards now, who doesn’t and what challenges or otherwise exist by these users around contacts etc – Andy

    Kia Ora Andrew,

    Our market research provided us with a few target markets (mainly the real estate industry) where details are being shared constantly.


    As Andy notes… nothing beats actually talking to potential customers in terms of research. Can’t remember who said it now but the conventional wisdom is talk to 100 potential customers. S

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