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Kia ora. How can I move a successful Marae based Kura Reo to online? 

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 06:56pm
Industry: Digital and Technology
  • Tena Koe,

    Firstly it’s an honour to give advice on such an important subject, marae/reo/whanau are some of the pillars of my life so I feel privileged to be answering this question.

    To gain more context, could you clarify to me which of the following are more of a hurdle for you:

    1. Operationally getting your Kura ready to be online
    2. Getting your Kura online technically e.g. the tech side steps required of going from current state to LIVE and ready to go

    Both are important steps but depending on where you need help immediately will help me know how to assist.

    Kia Ora

    Tena koe Ihaka. Nga mihi mahana mo to whakautu ki au. Thanks for replying. Number 2 is the answer to your patai. We are looking for a platform where students can register with ease, and Kaiako can host from 20-80 students, and interact with them effectively .

    Could you please forward me your email address?

    What I will do is connect you with Rimu Boddy, a tech in one of my companies who can help walk you through some solutions for your situation (no costs involved).

    Look forward to solving your problem with you.

    Tena Koe,

    It sounds like Ihaka is going to sort you out with some excellent technical advice but I thought I’d share my experience of doing this in a really simple and cost effective way.
    Registration happens on a website and then registrants are sent an invite to a closed Facebook group.
    In the group you can live stream video lessons (or just upload video’s), you can create polls and events, upload study documents and additional materials and teachers can answer student questions.
    Students can korero with each other and rewatch any of the video lessons.
    The groups content is searchable and you can tag different content topics.
    I’ve found it to be simple and effective.

    Nga manaaki o te waahi ngaro. Anei ra to matou imera: tekurareootetiniotoi@gmail.com.
    It is an honour and privilege to connect with you. Your valuable expertise is appreciated and pivotal to help meet client expectation. Nga mihi nui.

    Tena koe Clair. Thank you for your time and expertise. Very valuable and appreciated at this pivotal time fir our business. Nga mihi x

    Contact David Kelly (david@zeald.com), they are offering extremely subsidised (free) websites as a way to give back during Covid.

    Their pitch:

    GEM = Get Ecommerce Movement = help Kiwi SME’s achieve rapid digital transformation so that NZ experiences a digital revolution = starting with an initial batch of 500 free ecommerce sites.

    Zeald are a great company to work with, hope it goes well for you.

    Thanks Gregg. I will make contract. Much appreciated. King regards.

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