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Kia Ora, I am an Event Organisor of 20yrs that has always retained work through word of mouth. Due to Covid, like everyone else affected, I have lost 100% of my contracts. I have throughout the years thought of building a website, but have never quite understood how it could help someone like me. I know that sounds naive and possibly archaic, so my question is: would setting myself up a website be of benefit, if so, how do I get started, and where do I start?  

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 08:37am
Industry: Creative Services
  • Hi there – this is a really good question to ask. A website is like a shop front on a road, it could be on a main road or it could be out in the country – it just creates a landing page or place for people to come to if they know about it – so first, teh question would be what would you use it for ie the why of doing a web site – to sell or promote something – the 2nd question is how do you get the people to it – which is like how to draw the right crowd – have a think about that – there are many free website tools out there – including we partnered with Swiftly to enable that – https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/

    Also, a couple more resources for you – the Facebook Group Boost is quite good on training and video resources – https://www.facebook.com/watch/facebookappNZ/235283657807310/

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