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Kia ora, I belong to a small collective that has come up with a product that we would like to push out to the market.  We are looking for start up grants and need direction as to who can help.  We have exhausted our networks as well as the internet.  We are not an incorporated or registered company and would like some help as to go.  Can you help please?

Question submitted 06/09/20 @ 10:23pm
Industry: Start-ups
  • Morena – there are not many grants for starting up, let me qualify that – there are some grants via Callaghan Innovation to help with advice and guidance if your startup has R&D in it, and there are some grants for advise via the Regional Partners Programme – and then MSD/WinZ have some grants if you are already on a benefit. However, these grants only touch a few very / small number of the startups in the market – beyond this, there are investors, but they are looking for very specific opportunities and I reckon around 2-3% of the startups looking to raise $ actually get it.

    I am not really helping here – I do find however that most people raise $ from people they already know, because they believe in and know you – what other sources could you raise the funding from?

    A couple links here –

    Thank you so much for your response. Much appreciated 🙂

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