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Kia ora I saw you on breakfast this morning, how amazing you are helping others and supporting businesses, thank you !I am about to lose my job as an International Events Coordinator for NZ Customs, as I was on a fixed term because of a restructure and this was always going to be rolled over so now this is definitely not going to happen. I am a sole mum of a beautiful son Tiaki who I have just moved this year to boarding school to help him excel as he wants to be an engineer in the army. So having no income would be devastating for me. However, I am a bit of an entrepreneur (always have been) and do many other things. I am a part time pro singer and do gigs (they are all canceled), I’m a caterer and I also helped my son start his business making beeswax wraps https://www.facebook.com/KiwianaFoodWraps/?modal=admin_todo_tour  and in Feb this year I emailed Imperial Tobacco who I heard were closing and asked pitched to them how Tiaki Group could do the staff CV’s. They had already spoken to other businesses however gave the contract to me to complete 80 CV’s in two weeks.I was, of course,  I had my full time job at Customs, however thought of two great administrators who were in between jobs. I changed my house around and made a large office with 3 desk and laptops and we smashed them out in two weeks. We received excellent feedback from their HR department and it made us feel good to be able to help these people start their step into looking for a job. During lockdown and as I am panicking about getting a job, I quickly built a website, which I had never done before, I think it’s ok but now I need to get people to see it. I see many large businesses closing down and other than email, which I have emailed a few people, although never sure if it gets to the right person. Are you able to look at this tiakigroup.com  and give me suggestions and more so how do I get it out there to the right places?. Any other ideas are welcome, and also maybe how my son can improve his beeswax business, he usually sells at the markets but they aren’t really happening .kia ora Sheree Freeman in betweeb jobs, turned my lounge into an office with 3 laptops and we all did shifts and smashed it out. We got excellent feedback from their HR department, they loved them.

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    Kia Ora Sheree. Wow, what an amazing person you are. Not letting adversity get you down, turning it around in to a new business. Congrats.

    For your CV business, looks like you are targeting both multi-CV opportunities as well as individuals. So, let’s take them one at a time. Some top of the head ideas:

    In terms of the multiple CVS, might be worth trying to get your name out to a variety of organisations:
    – recruiting agencies – There are so many across NZ, you can look at Seek to see who are the ones doing a lot of recruiting at the moment.
    – outplacement companies – may be part of recruiting agencies
    – government agencies like MSD, MBIE might be interesting places to look to see if they can get you on an approved supplier list.
    – marketplaces that have come together to help those impacted, like Go Tourism. Go Tourism is government funded and they may have some insights. They also have a page of recruiters on their Job Search Hub page.
    – Human Resources NZ (HRNZ) is worth a call to get their advice
    – LinkedIn Groups – there are a few LinkedIn groups with HR professionals, like this one https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12387238
    – Companies with very big layoffs, not just in NZ but offshore. For example, Airbnb has started a directory of those staff looking for roles. You can try to get in to these groups and offer your services? (airbnb.co.nz/talent as an example). Perhaps reach out to their HR departments of companies that have had large layouts in NZ.

    For individual CV support, you can try some Facebook groups like:
    – Made in NZ – https://www.facebook.com/groups/519618962054849/
    – Tourism Support Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/647725352678015/
    These groups have huge reach!

    Go well, your energy is infectious.


    Kia Ora Sheree – are you amazing, and just doing what you need to do to look after your family at these times. Proud of you and can see that your actions will be an inspiration to others. In terms of how you progress on the options you have, there is something about ‘leveraging’ off what you have done if there are other customers who would value your service e.g. CV – so think about how you can chase that market opportunity down with other firms. All the best. A


    Hi Sheree,

    Wow- wonderwoman indeed- awesome energy.

    Great advice you’ve already had here. I also took a look at your website and I love the brightness and freshness. In terms of additional options:

    1) If I’m an individual and I want to work with you (and perhaps I’m out of a job) I’d want to know how much it’s going to cost. There is no indication of this on the website. How could you present this in a way that you’re comfortable with? I know another similar business that has tiers of CV costs depending on the seniority for example that are provided as indicative costs.
    2) Could you link in with Work & Income around job seekers?
    3) Consider contacting local budget advisors who may be working with people around improving their financial position or changing career who may also need a new CV. You can find them here https://www.moneytalks.co.nz/find-a-service/
    4) Consider writing an article/blog for your website about what YOU think is a good CV, or common mistakes and then share far and wide. Ask your family, friends, and contacts to them share this content amongst their networks.
    5) I couldn’t find you on LinkedIn and as you’re marketing strategy relates to businesses and individuals I recommend that you create a LinkedIn page for your business and look at what forums you could join there as a potential sales funnel, and an opportunity to establish yourselves as experts.
    6) Get a wonderful quote off Imperial Tobacco and put that front and centre in your page “What our clients say about us” What would also be fabulous is if you could then get a quote off any of the 80 people you wrote CV’s for and how that has helped them to secure a new job/ change direction etc.

    I love your drive and energy. Thank you for sharing your story- awesomeness.


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