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Kia ora! I’m Adam from Solid Oral Care we make effective and sustainable toothpaste in Titahi Bay, Porirua. We have recently registered for gst and have employed our first person (a covid redundancy). Looking for sales advice/guidance (both on and offline) and female founder networks. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Kia Ora Adam – I took a look at the Solid Oral Care website – https://solidoralcare.co.nz/our-story/ – nice.

    Sales guidance – online and offline. First question, where have your sales been historically coming from, what can you learn from those sales around how is your ‘sweet spot’ type of customer – identifying if there are commonality traits of your fans will help you build up a persona who they are (and how they are not) so that then you can go out and hunt for more of them online and possibly off-line. So maybe have a think about the data, to help inform you to focus going forward.

    The other thing I would do is think about similar products in other markets that might help give you some thoughts or options for where you could target – and then do some trials to see if they work – the other thing if there are other people like Laura who operate in the industry who have seen the same thing she has, can you find them and turn them into sales agents or partners who promote it? Also have you thought about putting the products up onto marketplaces like Chooice or Konei?



    Congrats on starting your brand and employing your first employee!

    I love the concept of your brand, and the clean & recyclable & eco-friendly look and design.
    I would start with 3 things at this stage:

    1- Targetting small, natural niche store owners on Facebook (find Facebook groups for natural products, beauty, and health), start communicating with them without being pushy, let them get to know you and your story as well as your products. You will need to create few structures of wholesale prices, first structure is distributor prices which is the lowest one, this may be not for the store owners, whether they have actual offline stores or online stores, the 2nd level is store owners prices, with the last one you want to make sure your wholesaler is making some good profit, by looking at your retail prices, I see these are ranging between $4-16, so I think selling to them at wholesale should be at 40% margin, depending on your cost.

    2- Start get connected with dentists in your area first and give them freebies, let them test and promote your products, you may have to spend some fund on giving our free samples to the dentists as they can be excellent for your marketing strategy.

    3- Get on social media, mostly Instagram and Facebook groups, find micro-influencers in beauty and health niches, possibly send them free samples so they can make videos and talk about your products, there are some sites that post these influencers and their engagements so you can pick good ones at the lowest cost, I wouldn’t spend much paying influencers at this stage, I may pick following and unfollowing on Instagram initially, following people who care about their health or people who are followers of some good size of accounts that are in natural health type of page. There is so much to talk about on social media and Instagram that can work really well. It takes time, right now, builds your followers, keeps them engaged.


    Hey there – female founder networks, there are a few groups – SheEO is a pretty awesome network – https://sheeo.world/ and another network – https://coofwomen.biz/ and an angel investor group, Arc Angels – https://www.arcangels.co.nz/

    Plus I am sure there are others – around Wellington area – maybe try Creative HQ?


    Hi There!

    Firstly congratulations on hiring your first employee and starting this amazing brand. There is definitely a market for this and many different options to get your brand name out there and to drive traffic to your website as well as sales.

    Online Options:
    1. Get on social media ASAP. Social Media is key in this day in age for brands to get their name out there and gain brand awareness. Facebook and Instagram are the main two that you should have for your business.
    2. Facebook/Instagram Advertising. This is a great tool in order to be able to broaden your audience and drive traffic to your website as well as target specific audiences you want to sell too and overall get sales online. I have lots of experience with Social Media set up and advertising so would love to potentially be able to help!
    3. Website design – I have taken a look at your website and feel it is a great start! Very informative. I wanted to ask if you are using Shopify? From looking at it I think you are which is amazing! I would definitely recommend however taking a look into the layout of your website in order to make it look a bit more cleaner and more practical for a potential customer to navigate. I specialise in Shopify Web Design so would love to be able to help you with this if you’re interested!
    4. Launching a blog/email marketing where a weekly email goes out with information about your brand/you could set up a weekly competition or weekly review of how you helped the community or whats going on in the world with the environment so the importance of using sustainable products?

    1. Partnering with local schools or giving freebies out for children to use. Helping the environment is so much more important nowadays and so explaining to schools the importance of your brand and what you stand for could be extremely beneficial
    2. Speaking with local dentists and staying in touch with them. Again offering freebies is great!

    If you have any further questions or feel that potentially you are after some help, I would love to be able to assist and help you with your brand. Don’t hesitate to email me:

    Have a great day!

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