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Kia ora koutouComing up on August 17 will be 3 years since the  launch of Empowered Parenthood Ltd.  We have a reasonable audience of over 15k across our social media channels but our sales have been incredibly slow.I would love help around brand recognition and marketing and any other suggestions to get our message and education out there for the brand to be quoted along with other common antenatal classes like Parents Centre or BirthEd.

Question submitted 20/07/20 @ 08:17pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Good morning,
    Driving your digital presence is the way of the world moving foreward so a strong digital strategy is key,there are lots of courses that you can do on line in ADwords and facebook advertising and SEO for your website. Alternatively look to engage a social media strategist to help you construct your social strategy.
    a platform like Unicorn may be a good place to start. It may also be timely to look to employ someone in a marketing and social media role to manage this for you, even if just a few days a week, there are a lot of great people (with these skills) in the market at the moment looking for roles in the marketing space .

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