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Kia ora, My name is Taisha Tari I’m a singer songwriter/ mentor Ive started releasing a string of singles via CD Baby, I’m not at all up to the play on how to link all these things together to push out via social media? If someone could help me and point me in the right direction that would be amazing! 

Question submitted 20/08/20 @ 11:42am
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  • Kia ora Taisha

    I’d not heard of CD Baby but checked it out a little just now.

    It looks like a great tool for distributing your music across all the key platforms.

    In terms of marketing it seems that they recommend various tools for spreading the word such as providing a website. Your website can serve as a central place you can start to promote the content on your social channels and draw them back to your website to learn more about you. You can also add links to the places where they can access your music such as Spotify.

    It seems that you don’t actually promote CD Baby to your audience as it is the distribution platform but you would link your social posts to the actual locations of where to listen to your music that CD Baby distributes to.

    Hopefully someone contributes here with some advice on promoting music on social media. If you’d like some help with a website please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you in your journey. I like how you are mentoring young musicians and we’d be happy to look at some sort of sponsorship to help you to support that work. Please start a free trial of our website builder at http://www.rocketspark.com and if you like what you see please contact us to sort out the sponsorship: https://www.rocketspark.com/contact-us/. I’ll let the team know that you may get in touch.

    Kind regards


    Kia Ora Taisha
    Wow ! you have a beautiful voice,And Tangi Houtuhotu is beautiful track. I also like your track on House 12

    A few of my Artist associates in the industry are starting do a lot more dance music in Te Reo. Its a beautifully unique edge we have to make our music stand out from the others.

    It looks like you have your music available on the relevant platforms. The key now is to obviously to try and connect.
    The beauty of Spotify is a wonderful platform to use when connected to your social communication platforms. learn to use Spotify as a social communication tool. Make playlists for people/fans to follow and in turn follow other playlists and influencers. have links on your social platforms linking people to your spotify artist page and your playlists. I would also start trying to connect with and service your music to creative directors at agencies, as well as music supervisors at Film and Television. Jan Hellreigal at Aeroplane music is a good song broker to try and connect with in regard getting your music in front of Film and TV jan@aeroplanemusic.co.nz

    Good luck

    Phil Howling

    Hi Phil, Im very sorry for the delay in response. Ive only recently saw that you had commented. Thank you so very much for firstly taking the time to offer advice. Im going to follow through now with everything you said. Im about to release the album with Tangi Hotuhotu on it this coming Friday. Im about to embark on a dance album in te reo also, under one of my other albums AONUA. Your advice has been greatly appreciated.

    Taisha x

    Hi Grant, thank you for your advice, greatly appreciated and apologise for the delay in response. Im currently building a website through Wix, I have found it pretty easy to navigate which is pretty amazing, as Im not sure Im very tech savvy. I do believe that it is very important to have a central hub from which all things can stem, My music, my workshops with youth and pretty much share my love for music. Its not quite finished but it is live, Im trying to work out the best pay system to use fro selling CDs on there? hmm I keep hitting a few brick walls, Im sure I will figure it out.
    My other passion is the work Ive started to do with youth, writing programs where I can see a need. We have just completed our 1st songwriting/studio wananga. It was incredibly satisfying. There is a lot of work that goes into writing, planning etc. Im humbled for your offer, any sponsorship is greatly appreciated. here is my email, I have checked out your website, looks amazing.
    Thank you for your time.
    arohanui Taisha x

    Hi Taisha

    Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been away and catching up on everything now.

    For payments I’d recommend checking out Stripe in the first instance as its easy to et up and the fees are reasonable.

    Also check out buy now pay later services such as Laybuy and Afterpay. I’m sure if Wix connects with them, at the moment but it does help with sales.

    I didn’t see your email in the post above but if you send us your details via our support team and a little info about what you are up to they can pass it onto me. Just mention that we’ve been chatting on this forum.

    Kind regards


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