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Kia ora. My partner and I started a window cleaning company Pane2Clean in November 2019.I’ve managed to secure a number of store fronts, Cafes and restaurants  through door knocking.I’ve found this method to be good.. but the conversion rate has been low 3 – 20. Is there any advice someone could give me to get more clients through other methods. My partner uses FB to target market and I’m trying to learn the ropes with Instagram. TIA.

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    Kia Ora Tia – thank you for coming to Manaaki and sharing what you are doing. So your success ratio is 6% – it is not bad, but as you know if you can optimise that up a bit, then it is more work!

    A few ideas what I have found works in the past:
    – Your existing customers, if they are happy, then they can be golden referrers for future business and case studies. I would ask them if they are happy with your service and if they have any feedback on how you could be better. When you ask this and they respond, ask them if they would have any of their contracts or colleagues that they would be prepared to intro you to – because with their recommendation, that will help ‘warm’ the lead up.
    – Your existing customers, maybe see if they would also be prepared for you to do a FAcebook or Instagram post with a photo of the windows and their logo, that you can share with your followers. Sort of like a case study.
    – Near potential targets – have you approached the next door businesses and/or the landlord’s who own the buildings you are doing the work in?
    – Targeting ‘like for like’ – if you look at your existing customers, are there similar prospects e.g. same industry etc who might be keen to have you do their work.

    The hard thing is probably not to do a great job – the hard thing is to know when your targets are not happy with their current service, and/or to get a foot in the door. One way to solve the latter is that you offer to any prospect/target that you are prepared to do one free clean so they can see how awesome you are.

    Referrals – have you thought about offering other players in and around your industry a finders fee or reward if they recommend someone to you and you sign them up as a customer – where you might like give them 10 or 20% of the first job in cash?

    Hope that helps. Andy


    Wicked Andy, thanks for the advice.

    We will surely try the referral approach.
    A couple of the suggested methods we have implemented in to our sales strategy at the moment.
    Thank you again for the insight.


    Morena Tia – my pleasure, we are all trying to work out how to get little wins – slow and steady wins the race, as long as we feel we have some wā each and every day!

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