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Kia Ora/Orana Ko LJ Tenei owner of Hulanesian Fitness. My business is a Holistic approach to Health Physical and Mental Welbeing. The world wants it the Communities Love it but i need to get it all online. I have 11 Beautiful tamariki lived overseas for years but came home becasue i knew I had something that would change and give purpose to all those that Love this Program. Im a one man band, ive done all the Work even Years ahead of myself but i need some support wrapped around me to take it to the next level. I need a dam good Mentor, never had one and I need someone to loo overall at my business as a Whole and can tell me what my Plan needs to be.Its empowering its healing u loose Weight its feminine and its about taking back YOUR Control as a Wahine standing STRONG in WHO U ARE TODAY! Loving all of you the good the bad and the Ugly! Its not just only about Fitness its About CHANGE becoming the best version of YOU! xxoo Arohanui me

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    Hi there,

    You certainly sound impassioned about what your offering to others. Encompassing the whole person , with an holistic approach is wonderful. To fully understand what kind of input you really need a phone conversation would be helpful to fully appreciate the direction and services you would like to offer beyond what you are already achieving. I can hear acceptance of ones being, as part of being integral in your approach as well as a drive to go beyond ones perceived limitations and barriers. Please let me know if you would like a chat to talk more in depth as to your business, desires, growth and ethos.
    warm wishes


    Kia Ora,
    Standing strong in who you are and ‘becoming’ is part of authentic leadership. Now, more than ever, authenticity is crucial – not only to resonate with others, but to feel aligned within oneself. Depending on where you’re at with your business plan, a possible next step for you is to explore your own values and strengths, so that you can aim your natural strengths toward your business goals. If you would like some direction around this, I’d be happy to help.


    Hi there.

    Some great tips already. But thought I would throw a couple more in the mix.

    There is currently a cool free series of webinars going on: Leadership in Lockdown.

    Here is the event page with more information: https://womeninsport.org.nz/programmes/leadership-from-lockdown/

    Was also thinking that the below contact May be worth dropping a line if you are looking for a mentor. Keep in mind, it’s a cold call, but Rachel may know who she can connect you with.

    Rachel Froggatt
    Secretary General, International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport
    Chief Executive Officer, Women in Sport Aotearoa
    e: rachel@womeninsport.org.nz

    Best wishes. Jamie

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